Sensors for demanding gas measurement.

Our Vision is Gas Spectrometer Performance at Gas Detector Cost.

OptoSense develops and sells micro-optical sensors for demanding gas detection and measurement applications. We are a small, but competent and innovative team in a Norwegian hi-tech company with high ambitions. Optosense is positioned for development in partnership with leading companies and OEM sales of sensors on the world market.

OptoSense has demonstrated sensors for multiple gases based on the HoloChip technology. Detection of refrigerants (HFCs, HFOs, HCs, Ammonia and CO2) represents an important new opportunity.

The HoloChip  is a holographic mirror (Diffractive Optical Element) that integrates: Diffractive gratings, Focusing lenses, Beam splitter functionality and Wavelength reference. The holograms can be manufactured through polymer blow molding for low cost or on silicon wafers for maximum accuracy and temperature stability.

OptoSense holds the exclusive IP rights for gas detection and measurement applications of strong general patents on Diffractive Optical Elements (NO 321629, US 7196791, CN 1488071, WO 0244673 etc.) with Sintef and Tomra Systems ASA. The technology, invented at SINTEF ICT in Oslo is also proven for multispectral non-gas applications.

The focus of Optosense is to move this technology forward into world leading gas sensors for detection and measurement of multiple gases. The HoloChip technology is based on NIR spectroscopy with cutting edge micro-optics Diffractive Optical Elements, The technology is patented (US 7196791 etc) and proven for other applications.

Our HoloChip technology give laboratory-style gas measurements of predefined gases with:

  • Small size, low weight, low power
  • Low cost in volume production
  • Proven accuracy and long-term stability

The core of the technology is a holographic mirror that integrates:

  • Diffractive gratings
  • Focusing lenses
  • Beam splitter functionality
  • Wavelength references

The HoloChips closes the gap between optical spectroscopy on the one hand and discrete filter-based systems on the other. Compared to grating spectrometers, the cost is a fraction and required mechanical precision is considerably lower, and the efficiency higher than with conventional filter-based systems.

In June 2007 Optosense AS was capitalized bringing in ProVenture Seed AS , Alliance Venture and SINTEF as shareholders.

In May 2007 OptoSense was awarded the AMA SENSOR Innovation Award together with Tomra Systems ASA and SINTEF.

OptoSense was founded in 1998, and was in the first years mostly engaged in research and consultancy activities.