Detailed information on OptoSense products: CO2 sensors and VAV regulators.

Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) with OptoSense CO2 Sensors lower the energy bills. The main advantages of our sensors are: accurate, long term stable, no maintenance and simple installation.

Better accuracy results in even lower energy bill. Sensors from OptoSense react quickly and precisely so that a VAV system can provide an optimum indoor climate with less than 10% excess ventilation. This may lead to additional annual savings comparable to the cost of the sensor.

Independent of occupational pattern. Sensors from OptoSense provide absolute and independent measurements throughout the lifetime, without any special set-ups or calibration routines. The sensors will measure correctly even if the building is in continuous use (365/24/7).

OptoSense sensors with integrated HoloChip.

The HoloChip technology is based on NIR spectroscopy with cutting edge micro-optics.

With a completely maintenance free solution. Sensors from OptoSense continuously compares CO2 measurements towards a fixed and balanced reference that compensates for any aging effects throughout the sensor life span. This means that OptoSense provides a completely maintenance free solution.

And simple installation. Attach cables in back cover and plug in front with electronics. No special knowledge or skills required. The sensor will measure correctly from first minute without configuration or calibration that may introduce errors. The design is neutral and compact.



CO2 measured with high accuracy +/- 30 ppm Optimal indoor air with maximum energy savings
Measurement of 3 wave-lengths in single light path. Long term stability (no drift due to optics or electronics)
Wavelengths fixed by molded gratings Long term stability (no drift in wavelength)
Absolute CO2 measurements. Independence of occupancy pattern or HVAC operations
Correct output within a minute after power-up Immediate commissioning