VAV Regulators

OptoSense VAV Regulator
Based on the range of combined CO2 and temperature transceivers OptoSense has developed a flexible room controller for Demand Controlled Ventilation that is easy to configure and install.

Product Nr.

Product Name


1-5-000008-01 OS VAV Regulator CO2 and temp., 2×0-10 V and 2xrelay outputs, 2xinputs, w. display
1-5-000012-01 OS VAV-M Regulator CO2 and temp., 2×0-10 V and 2xrelay outputs, 2xinputs, w. display and ModBus
1-5-000009-01 OS VAV Regulator kit USB-interface and Windows software for setup of VAV regulator


OS IAQ Sensor Duct Kit

Duct mounting Kit for use with all the above regulators


OS IAQ Sensor Cover

Protection cover for installation in rough areas

The controller has the following I/O:

  • 2 regulator (0-10V) outputs to control VAV etc. Fully configurable with set-points for CO2 and temperature level.
  • 2 relay outputs used to control heating and cooling sources or ventilation on/off, based on temperature or CO2 level.
  • 1 on/off input to use alternate controller scheme based on occupancy, night switch etc.
  • 1 digital RS-485 Modbus line for BMS communication and set-up

The VAV Regulator set-up program is a simple, visual and self-explaining Windows applications that enable flexible configuration of all outputs. VAV Regulator Kit (special USB RS-232-3V interface cable and software) can be ordered at Orders and Quotes

Default settings from factory for Output A (OUT A) is to regulate over 4-10V based on highest value of
21-23oC og 700-900 ppm CO2 (and closing to minimum ventilation, 0V output, below 18oC).

Installation of Demand Controlled Ventilation doesn’t need to be complicated.