Our Vision is Gas Spectrometer Performance at Gas Detector Cost. The sensor technology from OptoSense enable cost efficient and maintenance free measurements of multiple gases.

The HoloChip is a holographic mirror (Diffractive Optical Element) that integrates: Diffractive gratings, Focusing lenses, Beam splitter functionality and Wavelength reference. The holograms can be manufactured through polymer blow molding for low cost or on silicon wafers for maximum accuracy and temperature stability.
OptoSense holds the exclusive IP rights for gas detection and measurement applications of strong general patents on Diffractive Optical Elements (NO 321629, US 7196791, CN 1488071, WO 0244673 etc.) with Sintef and Tomra Systems ASA. The technology is also proven for multispectral non-gas applications.

Our unique and patented HoloChip technology give laboratory-style identification and measurement of predefined gases:

• Multiple gases at cost of one
• Small size, low weight, low power
• Full flexibility in spectral and optical design
• A range of reproduction technologies
• Low cost in volume production
• Proven accuracy and long-term stability

OptoSense technology

The HoloChips closes the gap between optical spectroscopy on the one hand and discrete filter-based systems on the other.